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MediaCloud is a technology company that focuses on cloud solutions, continuous data protection and various information and communications technology services (housing, hosting, IaaS and PaaS) worldwide. The company has opted for 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack (WAP) Extension, a free add-on to the only security solution that enables tenants to protect their Windows Server, Windows, and Linux virtual machines (VMs).

It allows hosting and service providers to secure multi-tenant environments and VMs in a private, public or hybrid cloud through Azure Pack. While simplifying and improving security for the infrastructure and tenants, it can also generate revenue by delivering Security as a Service (SECaaS) as a value-added offering. Now service providers can differentiate themselves by offering higher service availability and broader compliance coverage through 5nine Cloud Security and Azure Pack. With the 5nine Cloud Security WAP Extension, MediaCloud is protecting approximately 250 tenant VMs running across 50 Hyper-V hosts in two datacenters.

MediaCloud is now using these features to get the benefits of a secure private cloud, while delivering SECaaS to their customers. “We offer Security as a Service through Windows Azure Pack, and it was essential for us that the security solution integrated with our management portal in the best possible way,” Martínez said. “I think there’s no better solution than 5nine.” 5nine Cloud Security allows MediaCloud to guarantee business continuity and reliability for their customers by offering SECaaS.

The customers can now configure security policies themselves, according to their own standards at any point in time without needing the technical support team to perform the configuration. Additionally, 5nine Cloud Security WAP Extension 5nine Cloud Security WAP Extensionets both MediaCloud and their customers save time that they can spend on other tasks. “The customers are now able to manage security on their own and do not have to wait for our support center to configure security settings for them,” Aceituno explained. “For us it takes only 2 hours each week to manage 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension, which is definitely less. It allows us to free up time for other projects and consequently save money all while increasing revenue.”

Pricing is another reason MediaCloud chose 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension. “One of the reasons we chose 5nine Cloud Security WAP Extension is because it is the most cost-effective solution on the market,” Martínez said. “It is faster and noninvasive and comes at a lower price compared to other solutions.” The virtual firewall is the feature that Martinez and Aceituno particularly like in 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension as it enables WAP users to manage firewall configurations and protect their Windows and Linux VMs with a single solution, guarantying safety and isolation. Using the familiar Azure Pack tenant portal, customers get virtual firewall protection to isolate their VMs and control traffic.

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